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BIRD DOG – (The Every Brother)


Johnny is a joker, (he’s a bird)
A very funny joker, (he’s a bird)
But when he jokes my honey, (he’s a dog)
Hid joking ain’t so funny, (what a dog)

Johnny is a joker that to tryin’
To steal my baby, he’s nird dog
Johnny sings a love song, (like a bird)
He sings the sweetest love song (ever heard)

But when he sings to my gal, (what ahowl)
To me he’s just a wolfdog, (on the prowl)
Johnny wants to fly away and puppy love
My baby, (he’s a bird dog)

* Hey bird dog get away from my guail
Hey bird dog you’re on the wrong trail
Bird dog you’d better leave my lovely dove alone
Hey bird dog get away from my chick
Hey bird dog you’d better get away guick
Bird dog you’d better find
A chickie little of your own

Johnny kissed the teacher, (he’s a bird)
He tip-toed up to reach her, (he’s a bird)
Well he’s the teacher’s pet now, (he’s a dog)
What he wants he can get now, (what a dog)
He even made the teacher
Let him sit next to my baby, (he’s a bird dog)

(Repeat * to fade)