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DON’T TELL ME STORIES – (Saskia & Serge)


Hello darling, I see you’re
Not coming home tonight
Well, what am I supposed to say
Yes, I know the reason

* Don’t tell me stories
You know that I love you
And when you lie to me
I hear it in your voice
Do you remember the times
We share together

Don’t let it be over
Don’t hurt me again
You are my love,
You’re all I’ve got
My all, my everything
We cannot depart

** When you are gone

And I’m alone…
I wonder what went
Wrong with our love…
I can’t forget all the..
Love we shared together

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Maybe it’s not right to call
You now
But I can’t stand it anymore
I want to tell you so many things
Please, please pick up the phone

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