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I LOVE YOU THIS MUCH – (Mouth & Macneal)

It’s enough to be needed
It’s enough to be you
Thru’ the hopes in your happy life
Is slowly coming thru’
Oh that’s taking
It’s for love this show its best
And if I ever get enough with you
Then you leave away
It’s enough to be with you
It’s enough to be there
I’m the words that you
Send or gave in
Thru’ to me you get
Ooh what I do to come to talk

With what you’ve get
And if it mean singing
Back your mind
Then it never lost
Oh new and then I see
My self for what I really am
Oh over here I keep dfiscover on
Then I got it in the can

But if it mean that I’m
Gonna see you anymore
Take and shadap up
All the power stop your
Neil up all I adore
Oh silver can be part of you
Then you don’t have to leave
‘Cause your love and the love of mine
Have nothing else to give

And if one night I’m left
With nothing else to do
I’ll just sit at the piano