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NEVER ENDING LOVE – (Albert West & Anita Meyer)


I Saw you at the bay you
Always took my tie
Now I can’t believe you’re
Here with me
Remember back in scholl
How we broke the rule
And even then you were
A friend to me
I loved your cheeky smile
And once I walked a mile
To see that wayface
Would smile at me
And now we’re stnading
Here the memories are clear
And after all these years
You still love
Never ending love du…ah…du…ah…

Between us forever
Never ending love du …ah…du…ah
Just you and me together

You gave me all you love
And I gave you my heart
Like moon ang stars above
We know we never part
Never ending…

I only want to say I do it all today
I never change a moment spend with you
I look around and see
You’re the one for me
My love for you will
Always be so true
Never ending….me
Together 2x